Preparing for the test can be fun!

Especially if it’s the Life in the Uk test.

I have lived in London for the past 6 years. In this time, without even trying, I have experienced a lot in terms of different cultures, religious practices and ways of life.

In 2019, it was finally my time to give the Life in the UK test, as I was applying for Settlement in the UK. As I started to study the official guide book, it started to dawn on me that a lot of it I already know.

Even though there was a…

Here you will find everything you need to know about passing Life in the UK Test

My time for the UK settlement application was approaching. While I stared at the application for the nth time, it dawned on me that there is no running away from the Life in the UK test.

In September 2019, I got myself booked for the test for mid-October 2019. At that point, I had absolutely no idea how I was going to prepare. With a day job and two kids (under 10) at home, I just couldn’t take on one extra task.

But what…

Life in Lockdown Series: Part 1

I have always been into TV and movies. So does Polar. When we met, this was one topic that we talked about endlessly . Later as we settled, we created a huge empire of DVDs in the under-bed storage of our small room. Unfortunately it had to be discarded when we emigrated.

In UK, we got Netflix, and we got the taste of TV series’ and binge watching. We had a simple formula. Weekdays, when kids were in bed, it was drama time. Weekends, when we could stay up late, were movie nights. Starting…

(ammi ke hath ke koftay)

Zee, your grandma’s meatballs curry is quite famous. Since she follows her mom’s recipe so everyone on her side of the family are familiar and hence no big deal for them.

But for her in-laws, i.e. your granddad’s family, this meatball curry is all time favourite. A must for all family dinners.

Same goes for my in-laws, i.e your dad’s side.

Although these meatballs were always used in a curry form in our house but I have invented several interesting variations and hence totally different dishes out of these meatballs.

For eg,

  • meatball pasta in…

(and how I hack it)

The dislike I have for vegetables runs in my blood.

Both my brothers and myself always opt for (read demand) a meat option if presented with a vegetarian food. Lucky for us, our spouses are not that hardcore and sometimes vegetarian dishes DO land on our dining tables.

Our veggie-abhorring stories are found hilarious by some people. My elder brother specially has some unique habits. For example

He can’t stand onions in his omelette.

While having noodles, there’s a halo of vegetables along the sides of his plate.

Say ‘bhindi’ in front of him and…


Chicken Karhai

When we were in Pakistan, we loved going to highway restaurants in Karachi, or lately, Do Darya. You won’t remember that Zee, but we also took you there. You were really really small then.

Not only the food but the whole spooky yet tantalizing experience over there makes the evening quite eventful.

Of course fresh naans right from the tandoor and karhai straight from the grill gives you a taste of heaven.

My God! the aroma of fresh naan is something to kill for.

Over the time, after constant hit and trial, I have come up with my own version…

(special dedication to those struggling with infertility)

yeah! thats what Im talking about

My statement above will generate a lot of argument, I’m pretty sure of that.

Those who don't have kids will think that I’m being ungrateful.

Those who have kids will say “You can’t be serious”.

So first of all, let me clear something for the benefit of everybody.

I’m not comparing the two situations. Just enlightening those who think that having children will fix every problem in their life. I used to think that once too.

I have experienced infertility first hand. I have gone through physical and mental trauma of all kinds…

Zee, let me tell you about a feeling that I don't EVER want you to feel.

Considering yourself a “Bechara” or “Bechari”.

Each one of us is fighting our own battles. All of us have our own share of problems.

NO ONE can tell us that their problems are huge and ours, small.

Everyday we get up, put on a brave face and go about as life takes us, trying to forget how broken up we were feeling yesterday.

Life hurts us.

People hurt us.

Situations hurt us.

Things on which we have no control hurt us.

What you need…

Horror movies are like bhindi; either you love them or you hate them.

There is no middle state.

I love horror movies and I’m not ashamed of it.

According to me, there are two types of people. Those who love horror movies and the ones who not only dislike them but despise, detest, loathe and ridicule them.

But tell you what, it needs special kind of people to like them

People like me!

I once shared this love with one of my cousins and one sister-in-law. Both of them now have kids and busy lives but there was once a…

A little variation, transforms a dip to a proper lunch

I had never been a fan of hummus.

I used to find it bland. Lately, with a bit of experimentation and looking up various hummus versions, I have come up with a perfect hummus recipe.

Why Hummus ?

  1. It's vegetarian.
  2. It's too damn easy, especially with boiled chickpeas cans, that I keep in my pantry all the time. (I will also discuss the effectiveness of having boiled chickpeas at home, someday)
  3. It's ideal for light lunch, or a quick fix

All I do is cut up some crunchy vegetables, jalapenos…

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