10 Things NOT to do in flu

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2 min readFeb 12, 2016


My past two weeks have been pretty taken up with the flu virus first attacking my husband and then the kids.

Not me (since I’m made of iron)

With lack of sleep, shower and sanity, I have come up ten most annoying things people in flu do.

  1. Don’t expect an “Alhamdolillah” after your eighth sneeze. Get it controlled
  2. Stop asking for “spicy” food after every half hour. That nihari was supposed to last atleast three meals!!
  3. Don’t go to work/school. Unless you want to be remembered as someone who brought the flu.
  4. Parents: STOP sending sick kids to school insisting that they are fine. They are making my kids sick.
  5. No way we are going to Park. You are home because you were coughing like crazy last night and couldn’t let us sleep.
  6. Here is tissue. IN YOUR HAND!!…please stop using your sleeve for wiping that snot.
  7. You are SICK. Act like it (for my extremely hyper son)
  8. You are not THAT sick. Take the rubbish out (for my husband)
  9. No… you cannot die if you have a fever one degree over 98.7.
  10. DO NOT take Antibiotic. They are for bacterial infections. Flu is a virus. There is no medicine to cure for viral infections.

And if you are taking care of a loved one then do yourself a favour. Go get a big glass of coke and bag of crisps.

Thats your reward for going through a tough day.



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