40 minute Nihari, from scratch

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2 min readFeb 9, 2016


Perfect remedy for flu

My whole last week was consumed with an extremely irritated and annoyed husband.

With a bad case of sinusitis, he was confined to home.

And boy! he was hungry ALL the time.

Like a mouse in a warehouse, he finished almost upto the last morsel in the goodies section of my pantry.

This is secret stash where I keep edible bribes for my kids.

He even didn't leave instant noodles.

I had to run to the supermarket, midweek, to refill green chillies, orange juice, aspirins, Vicks and dispersible sachets for cold and flu.

And then I made nihari.

YUMMM!!!….followed by NOM..NOM..NOM..

Extra spicy, extra juicy and served piping hot with naans, with lots of green chillies and lemon juice as sides.

FYI, cayenne peppers, green chillies and lemon, all are very good sources of vitamin C. Something doctors prescribe during cold and flu.

Anyways, since I had only one hour to come up with something for dinner, I settled for nihari, using chicken meat!

It turned out great. Really.

In case of beef, bones and meat are cooked together at great length in order to give certain flavoring.

With chicken, I used chicken broth in place of water and let it cook till the chicken got tender.

I use Shan masala of course. It's amazing!

One useful tip.

Leave approximately one tablespoon masala in the packet. Pour it over while frying onions for baghar (tempering) as they start turning golden. Let both fry in the oil till their color starts to change.

Now spread this spice missile over nihari. It will give a roasted flavour to Nihari.

Garnish as instructed.


Perfect remedy for annoying cold.



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