Zee, let me tell you about a feeling that I don't EVER want you to feel.

Considering yourself a “Bechara” or “Bechari”.

Each one of us is fighting our own battles. All of us have our own share of problems.

NO ONE can tell us that their problems are huge and ours, small.

Everyday we get up, put on a brave face and go about as life takes us, trying to forget how broken up we were feeling yesterday.

Life hurts us.

People hurt us.

Situations hurt us.

Things on which we have no control hurt us.

What you need to remember is the fact that these are YOUR problems.

Best way to deal with them is to solve them.

If you cant, dont burden anyone else just to win their sympathies.

There can be 1000 things in your life to feel miserable about. Its upto you to feel miserable or not



a mother’s guide to her daughter about life and how to make it worthwhile.

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