First Mother’s Day

Hey Zee

Today we had Mother’s Day in our household. Obviously you and your brother are too young to actually realize it and do something about it. Although your brother did make a card for me at school.

Also, on the way home yesterday he promised me that he will do all the things that will make me happy, for example tidying up his his toys, be kind to you, have his milk without making fuss etc etc.

Your Dad was actually the one who made my day by offering me to look after you guys and urged to leave the house for as long as I like. He also gave me his credit card. Last but not any least he had Sindhi Biryani ready as I returned from my day out.

True Mother’s Day!

This is the first Mother's day when I am on a receiving end.

And I’m loving it!!!

In Pakistan where my mom, your Nani amma lives, they celebrate it with US. So I’ll ask her to read this post on HER Mother’s day.


She can read it anyways. It’s a writeup after all, not my will to be opened later.

Now something about my mother.

My mother has been a working lady almost all her life. She used to leave home at 7:00 in the morning and came back at 4:00 in the afternoon.

But, at no point in my life, have I ever wanted her to be home waiting for me.

My mother’s absence, when I used to came home from school, college, university or work, had little impact on my life.

Rather than having warm food on table and fresh rotis in hot pot, I would rather have a mother who is well versed from child development to complicated bank procedures.

A mother who plays Monopoly with me and my brothers on weekends. (In Monopoly, she always used to be the Bank. Because, one, my younger brother and myself could not handle it and secondly, nobody trusted my elder brother)

He also used to eat our chocolates and fill the empty wrapper with tissues, and got away with it too!

My mothers was my first ever dress designer and things stayed like this till I got married. Her designed dresses would always stand out among the rest.

She and I share the love of reading literature and we frequently visited bookshops together.

My mother is and has always been great at managing and organizing.

She is the Queen of multitasking.

I still remember that on when weekend used to be Friday and Saturday, she used to cook around 5 to 6 dishes at a time in one afternoon. Some of them half cooked, to be completed later during the week.

On Thursday dinners, it was either takeaway Nihari from the tandoor across the road or occasional restaurant dinner.

Sometimes we had eggs for dinner. Nobody used to mind that.

Never once in my life I have heard my father complaining not getting fresh meal. Just as my husband never asks me for it and I thank God for that.

My parents made a point to take us out on weekends. With the limited number kids’ entertainment in karachi at that time, we had a rota. Funland at Clifton (all time favourite), Hilll Park, Safari park, Aziz Bhatti Park (which was a drag) and best of all Sandspit Beach.

There is a big list of things that i need to learn from my mother, like

  • How to make unbroken Koftay
  • Bargain with a flat face
  • Telling maids to be off right away knowing she won’t get replacement easily
  • Maintaining relationship with relatives and friends.

But one thing that is above all that I need to learn is her courage.

Countless times I have seen her standing up for the just cause with confidence and courage, knowing that the consequences may not be in her favour.

So, Zee, I would you and your brother to remember me the way I remember my mother. That is,

With love.

a mother’s guide to her daughter about life and how to make it worthwhile.

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