Who doesn’t like Biryani?

Biryani is an instant mood enhancer

Biryani is something you can have absolutely anytime. Weddings, funerals, wedding anniversaries, barsis (death anniversary), aqeeqa, birthdays, majlis,nazars, remedy for bad mood, recovery from illness, coming home from another country, best choice for take away, most sought after canteen food, getting your husband do a pending chore, you name it.

Nobody gets fed up with biryani.

These days, Zee, you can just have bits of meat and potatoes from our plates but I’m sure you are going to inherit the love of biryani from both your parents.

My younger brother, your chotay mamu loves it so much that while our parents were away on hajj, he ate biryani for straight 15 days.

He was a 19 then and afford to eat it. Now he’s 32. Eat salads, reduced carb foods etc. But one tradition he has kept alive in his house. His sweet wife cooks biryani for him every weekend. without fail.

Sadly, the catering people in Pakistan suck at wedding biryanis. So for my wedding, i specifically asked for Singaporean rice. Till now, I am the only bride that i know of had two full plates of singaporean rice right there sitting on a stage.

Another funny incident of my wedding was when i was taking off my makeup and guess what took half of my night. No, it wasn’t the back combed hair or one million hairpins, it were the false nails!

I had NO idea how to take them off. The salon people had stuck them with elfie i guess.So my groom kept on bringing me hot water in a bowl to soak my hands in.

In Valima i got smarter.

Anyways back to biryani.

Im quite aware that a lot of people out there have many interesting theories about biryani.

According to me there are two kind of biryani lovers. One who love biryaniaaloos and ones who don’t.

When i make biryani, i always use twice as much written in the recipe printed on the packet.

Yes! packet of Shan Masala.

You don’t really think i would have my own recipe of biryani after all the hardwork Shan has gone through to give us such marvellous dabbay.


Some people, snicker at the thought of packet ki biryani but i think Shan people have done a pretty good job, and all of their biryani range is pretty great.

Also, their preparation method are so easy that my husband tried his hands on making couple of them and did a pretty good job.

Now he cooks amazing Sindhi Biryani. He cooks it for me when I don’t feel like cooking, We call it PMS Biryani.

Another one with lesser ingredients is Bombay Biryani. That’s my favourite too.

So, inspired by Sindhi biryani, I came up with my version of chickpeas biryani.

As you are aware chickpeas are quite readily available here in London,boiled and canned and hence extremely handy.

However, like my mother, you can always boil them and freeze them in smaller packets and take them out as required.

Also you can have a vegetable biryani, by omitting meat and adding veggies of your choice.

Have it whatever way you want.

Just don’t forget to add lots of aaloos.

a mother’s guide to her daughter about life and how to make it worthwhile.

a mother’s guide to her daughter about life and how to make it worthwhile.