Ghormeh Sabzi

  1. Golden brown onions.
  2. Add turmeric and fry for two more minutes.
  3. Add meat. Fry on high heat till it starts to change color.
  4. Add salt and pepper along with some water and reduce the heat.
  5. Pinch few holes in dried limes and add in the meat.(omit this step if using lemon juice).
  6. Once the meat is tender take if off from the hob.
  1. In a wok saute garlic.
  2. Add all green vegetables one by one including dried fenugreek till they soften up
  1. Add greens in meat sauce.
  2. Add Kidney beans.
  3. Add lemon juice if not using dried limes.
  4. Simmer on low heat for 10- 15 minutes. Take off from hob



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