Having Kids is a blessing….Not having them is blessing in disguise

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3 min readApr 15, 2016


(special dedication to those struggling with infertility)

yeah! thats what Im talking about

My statement above will generate a lot of argument, I’m pretty sure of that.

Those who don't have kids will think that I’m being ungrateful.

Those who have kids will say “You can’t be serious”.

So first of all, let me clear something for the benefit of everybody.

I’m not comparing the two situations. Just enlightening those who think that having children will fix every problem in their life. I used to think that once too.

I have experienced infertility first hand. I have gone through physical and mental trauma of all kinds of medical procedures. I have endured the interrogations of the farthest and closest of relatives. I have yearned for a child of my own for seven years!

Yes. I have been to that road and suffered all along.And that is why I consider myself qualified to discuss the two situations.

First of all there is no denying the fact that children ARE a gift, a blessing no doubt. Children complete you. They define you. They make you want to be a good person, to set an example for the young ones.


Not having children is not the end of the world either. You can be a good person nonetheless.

By not giving children, maybe God has bigger plans for you. That may be slightly different than smelling bottoms and wiping snots.

You are an individual. Not having children of your own do not make u inadequate in any way. On the contrary, you are given an endless canvass to create.

On the lighter note, have a look at the points below, or ask any parent and then you would realize how lucky you are

  1. You complete your meals in peace, without any hovering presence, claiming their share of chicken, crispy side of bread, fries, that last special bite of your burger.
  2. You can sleep through the whole weekend and nobody tries to poke their fingers in your eyes at 7:00 am on Saturday morning.
  3. Your house is clean and your sofas do not contain food for a small army, stashed inside their creases.
  4. Whatever you do in bathroom is your business and you don’t have to tell anyone exactly what are you doing and how it looks like.You can go to cinema and watch your kind of movie, any day, any time, all the time.
  5. Your TV is yours, and not taken over by little monsters.
  6. Your spouse is yours and not taken over by those monsters.
  7. You can be romantic any time of the day.
  8. You are the sole owner of all the crisps, chocolates and drinks that you buy.
  9. When you go for a walk, you go for a walk. No whining being accompanies you.
  10. You can eat out and have a good time with your spouse, as compared to running after kids the entire time and not being able to recollect what you ate once you reach home.

So you see, there is a quota and time for having children, fixed by God. Something we have no control of.

Meanwhile, why not cherish what you have now.

(I’m hoping I havent hurt anyone with this topic as I know how much hurting this could be)



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