Have I struck a nerve there!

Multiple times in our lives, we get to go through the ordeal of shedding off pounds. Atleast I have.

How many times have I succeeded? That’s a totally different story.

Either it was a post-baby weight, or the pounds you gained after your first job while trying hands on every possible take-away and delivery option available from Shahra-e-Faisal to Khadda Market.

My first time was before my wedding. I had gained a few pounds due to the reason above

So, I started going for morning walks with my dad, drank lots and lots of green tea, quit soft drinks, sweets etc.

It worked back then. I managed to lose 4–5 kgs in couple of months.

A year later, back on the same path your dad also joined me.

Both of us blame each other, but in reality, both of us are chatora by nature and enjoy good food. And with the food festival all year round in form of weddings, nazars, dastarkhwans, majlis tabarruks or birthday and anniversary dinners, it was getting impossible to control our expanding waistline.

Green tea and walks did’nt help this time.

Neither did the cinnamon and honey water totka that promised to reduce fat within 7 days. Your dad still can't stop making fun of it. They wrote in the article with so much conviction and I was bowled over when it said, “ Please don’t think that you have cancer because usage of this water can reduce your weight as quickly as that of cancer patients.”

Bullshit! Nothing happened.

Then we came to London.

Everyone in London walks, if you have to go to the tube station, or high street, super market, school, Doctor’s Practice, you walk. I was overwhelmed in the beginning but got over it eventually.

We even got good at it.

And this is how we experienced London. On our foot. We visited all the streets’ whose names are in Monopoly. Went to 221 Baker Street, Sherlock Holmes house, even went to 20 Downing street, I have no idea why. WE even Saw Queen conducting some ceremony at Buckingham Palace. Went to Ali Zafar’s concert at Trafalgar Square on Eid Weekend. Explored antiques at Portobello Market. Got our heads massaged at Camden Town by a Chinese seller. Saw live theatre at Covent Garden Market.

Wa had a plan then, we used to save on transport so we can spend on eating out. After a long walk, we spoiled ourselves with extremely unhealthy food, fried chicken and burgers most of the times, with upsized fries and non-diet soft drinks.

But guess what. We got thin. Moreover we got healthy.

So basically there is no formula to get thin. In fact you will get thin the minute you stop thinking about getting thin.

Here’s a list of things that you should NOT do

1. NEVER rely on Ramzan — Never once happened, countless Ramzans came and went for me. calories not eaten during fast = calories eaten after fast.

2.Buy work-out gear AFTER you actually start a workout. I have witnessed people stocking up on designer joggers and trainers and giving up after a week.

3. Chinese soups cant get anyone thin. They are loaded with carbs and fats.

4 Can't think of a fourth one.

I’m sure you found nothing useful in the above writing except that “i tried”.

Talk to you later.

a mother’s guide to her daughter about life and how to make it worthwhile.

a mother’s guide to her daughter about life and how to make it worthwhile.