My top “horrible mom” moments

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3 min readFeb 19, 2016


  1. I let my 5 year old son eat fries for 7 consecutive mornings for breakfast during his half term break.
  2. For weekend mornings, I have made a deal with him that in return of not asking me to wake up at 7 in the morning, I’ll let him watch all his favorite airplanes’ videos.
  3. I curse under my breath as my son calls me to attend to him in the bathroom and once I reach there he tells me that he’s not quite done yet.
  4. Since he was 2 years old, I have told him that kissing where it hurts get rid of the pain. He’s 5 and I haven’t corrected him yet.Not sure if I don’t to either. I have also told him that his name’s translation in english is ‘Lion Lion Pilot’ ( pilot part was made up of course) so nothing can possible hurt him.
  5. In order to keep up with our movie plans, we put kids to bed early, telling them it’s already past their bedtime and a monster is out lose.
  6. And once, when we couldn’t figure any place to stash our dehumidifier, we told him that this machine is used to get rid of the monster and that’s why it’s kept in his room.
  7. When my son shoves something inside my retina , I completely lose it, throwing out of window all the parental advices of patience and calmness and send him to his room.
  8. I constantly mumbles to myself and shout at traffic when I have to drag a double stroller, carrying one 5 year old and one 2 year old, alongwith 4–5 shopping bags, with a scooter in one hand because my son refuse to walk home.
  9. Since very young we told our son that soft drinks are yuck and they shoot bubbles in your face and make it all wet. He still think they are something adults drink out of compulsion.
  10. While going out on a walk, we keep a bag full of junk, a bribe bag, to engage both mind and mouth of the kids, so they shut up and let us talk.
  11. I let my son eat ice cream telling myself it's a good source of calcium, give him dark chocolate because it is said to cure coughs, donuts because they are bread after all.

Wow.These are more than I expected.

Sometimes my kids take me over to the edge ( like this instant when I’M holding my youngest one who is constantly trying to hit caPS LOCK LIGHT and the elder one who is poking me with an umbrella from behind) and then try to push me as well.

However I try to do my best by putting in all my effort.

Also, one thing that keeps me going is the famous quote

“this too shall pass”

and then I will have my life back!!!



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