First of all I hadn’t intended it to be public.

Not too extrovert myself I shy away from attention.

But then, as I started writing, I realized that even though I’m opening a window into my life, there are things that may benefit someone, somewhere.

A struggling mom maybe, with young kids and with little or no support.

A working lady with deadlines, who is maintaining sanity for family at home.

Or maybe a bachelor, living in an expensive city like London who needs to cook with no experience whatsoever while saving both money and time.

Funny thing is that I have been all above, at one point of life or another. Hence I have tried to pen down some hacks and tricks that can make cooking (to be specific) and life (to be general) easier.

OXFORD 2007 Summers — amazing memories — explored whole city on foot

So, done with the intro and all, let’s come to one person because of whom I started all this.

The sole reason for writing this blog is You-my little daughter.

Right at this moment you are not even two, just woken up from your afternoon nap and now sitting on my lap not letting me type.

But then, like everything else, you are gonna grow up, into a young lady and may want your old lady’s advice, in one matter or the other.

So, this is a little effort, beforehand.

I have been compiling a few of life’s observations, tips on handling certain things, situations and people. A little book that has life’s important and not-so- important things.

Its called “Zee’s book of Life”. Zee is what you call yourself right now let’s keep it this way.

So, am I credible enough to give you an advice on cooking?

Well, not really. BUT, as your mom i can tell you anything and get away with it. (that was a joke)

I hadn’t done much cooking before i got married. Mostly I was the support cast that boils rice or makes omelette, or make salads and desserts. Your dad obviously had to endure most of the mishaps caused during the early days.

The biggest was when i added sugar instead of salt in a chicken curry, dear baba didn’t say a thing and when i mentioned it , he was like “Oh I thought u have made sweet and sour chicken.“

We always have good laugh thinking about it. Im sure you know the joke by heart now.

I actually started cooking when your dad and I came to London in 2006. Dad was offered a scholarship to study at Imperial College London and we had to live within the stipend amount for one person, at least till i got myself a job there.

London, is and has always been quite an expensive place to live so we had to be quite creative in saving money and time. This is what lead to creation of some new recipes and improvisation of the old ones.

One by one I’m going to share with you the stories and experiences I had, the lessons I learnt and the people I met.

So it’s not just another Recipe Book, it’s something more than that.

Wait for your first one!

a mother’s guide to her daughter about life and how to make it worthwhile.

a mother’s guide to her daughter about life and how to make it worthwhile.