Sharmeen, Malala, Edhi and Mumtaz Qadri….the facebook battle begins

It all started with Malala winning Nobel Peace Prize in 2013

  1. Malala won a Nobel Prize.
  2. Malala was shot in the face, you can see her facial muscles changed. How can anyone fake it.
  3. Why do we keep forgetting that her writings ignited Taliban to shoot her in the face.
  4. Of Course Taliban were threatened by her.
  5. Not supporting Malala automatically means supporting Taliban.
  6. Lastly, sad to say, she’s the SECOND Pakistani ever to win a Nobel Prize. Somehow the fate of Pakistani Nobel Prize winners is always the same. No recognition by their own people.

Comparing Malala and Edhi Sahab

  1. We all vouched for Edhi Sahab for Nobel Prize, signing petitions, voting online and what not.
  2. It is indeed sad he didn't get the Nobel Prize.
  3. Funny fact is that Edhi is labelled ‘infidel’ by mullahs. Why read here (
  4. Being called ‘infidel’ by Taliban gives “goras” and “jews” even more reason to give his Nobel Prize. No?
  5. My point is, why compare Malala and Edhi. Both could have won the prize.

and lastly

Edhi Sahab never made or worked in/or movies. No point in debating he should get an Oscar, since Oscar is given on cinematic achievements.

Now, Sharmeen. The one who re ignited all this

  1. Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy, first Pakistani to got an Oscar.
  2. Her second one!
  3. Sharmeen is being criticized at portraying Pakistan’s bad image. There is a huge list of documentaries that won oscars and who portrayed bad images of many countries including USA.
  4. Would criticizing Oscar get rid of the filth the documentary showed?

and Finally Mumtaz Qadri- the murderer

  1. Mumtaz Qadri was a murderer and that's why he was hanged. Not Martyred.
  2. Fragrance from grave, smile on his hanged face, congregation of thousands at his funeral do not change the fact that he took a life.
  3. Even Islam, its eye for an eye, no?
  4. And Finally, According to those mourning his death, ‘Hasn't he gone to Jannah already’. then why all mayhem



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