Why Women’s Day is not about women

In my opinion, we should not pay tribute to just women on Women’s Day.

I think it’s also necessary to acknowledge all the men whose’ love, appreciation, confidence and respect make it possible for a woman to be happy and successful.

Well, not ALL the time. But most of the times.

I don't want to discuss what a women CAN do. So much has been said about it already.

I’m just saying that a man needs to be appreciated

when he is a husband

and treats his woman with sushi, because she has vacuumed the house herself, when they have agreed to do it together on weekends,

or a dad

who gets only the flavour of ice cream that his daughter loves, despite whatever his sons like.

or a friend,

who tears up a paper from a library book because his friend was too scared to do it herself and the library time was running out

or a brother

who remembers his sister’s birthday and courier her a surprise birthday cake, flowers and card on her first birthday away from home,

or gets her a burger from the corner shop when home food isn't too tempting..

or a son

when he hugs his mom and says he missed her when she picks him up from school

or a father in law

when he gets her all kinds of junk from kachoris to samosay to roasted peanuts without her even asking

And THAT is why I want to pay tribute to all the men who have chosen to love and respect a woman when they could have easily gotten away being a male chauvinist.

(P.S. All the examples above are based on true events)

a mother’s guide to her daughter about life and how to make it worthwhile.

a mother’s guide to her daughter about life and how to make it worthwhile.