YOU WILL DIE! if you do not say Amen

A lot of people on my facebook page (majority belonging to my parents’ generation) are constantly posting pictures of sick, starving, dead and injured children, elderly or animals.

Now I’m getting really annoyed.

Not annoyed at my kind aunt, or soft-hearted mom’s cousin, or my dear nani’s sister (yes she’s also on facebook) for sharing such posts.

But annoyed at those scammers that misuse those images, without taking permission, making poor facebook users think that they are actually contributing towards somebody’s recovery.

Here’s my take on such posts.

Say Amen for the Fat Kid

How many likes for her

This monkey was abandoned because of its life-threatning condition

She died after taking this picture. Share this or you will meet the same fate

Every like will generate $1 towards his operation

Scholars all over the world are perplexed. Can you solve this puzzle

Doctors are unable to diagnose his disorder. How many likes can he get

Happy Sunday!

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